Kerame: Located on the north side of the island. It is a pebbly and sheltered beach in a beautiful landscape. It is not organized and the varied terrain of the sea bottom is ideal for underwater fishing.

Livadi: Located near Armenistis, it is characterized by the golden sand, crystal clear waters and the lagoon formed at its far end. The beach is fully organized, ideal for nature lovers, since it is also equipped with organized camp facilities.

Aris: A nice pebble beach located just outside of the village of Karavotamo. There are no facilities on the beach.

Faros: It is considered the largest beach of Agios Kirykos known for its beautiful sand and for its turquoise waters. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and sun beds, while trees provide natural shade along the coast.

Iero: It is located in the uppermost northwest corner of Ikaria behind the airport. It is considered the ideal beach for snorkeling.

Nudist bay: This designated nudist beach is located near Faros. Access to the beach is via a path leading down from the unpaved road from Faros to Drakano Fortress. There are no facilities on this beach.

Saint George: It is a remote sandy beach located at the extreme north-eastern tip in a protected cove.

Tsoukalas: Located 1km west of Agios Kirikos and it is a pebble rock beach with some shaded areas located under the trees and umbrellas and sun beds are sometimes available to rent in summer.

Mileopo: Pebble-sand beach located just outside of the village with the same name. An interesting place to snorkel owing to the large boulders and rock formations below the water.

Nas: Maybe the second most famous beach of the island, located near Armenistis village, at the point where Chalaris river joins the sea. The sandy and pebbly coast is surrounded by dense vegetation, waterfalls and springs, while the picturesque scenery is complemented by the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to goddess Artemis. The area is brimming with restaurants and lodgings with a magnificent view to the Chalaris canyon.

Armenistis: It is sandy with few small pebbles and the waters are calm, ideal for leisurely swimming. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, and there are also restaurants and lodgings in the area.

Mesachti: At the northwest end of Ikaria, next to Armenistis, in Gialiskari, lies the popular beach of Mesachti. Its most known feature are the ponds formed at its far end, thanks to the two rivers that flow there. The golden sand and the shallow waters offer a perfect setting for family excursions. It is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bars. Ideal for water sports lovers, due to the area’s favorable winds, with windsurfing at the top of the list.

Kampos: Located in the village of the same name, it is a sandy beach and although it is fairly isolated, it is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas and a snack bar on the beach.

Kyparissi: A few kilometers away from Evdilos, lies this sandy beach with crystal clear waters. It is not organized, and lies far from the cosmopolitan centers of the island.

Seychelles: Maybe the most famous beach of the island, located 25 km west of Agios Kirikos. It is a beach of unique exotic beauty (hence the name) with pebbles, turqoise waters and steep cliffs that make up a majestic landscape. The beach is not organized, so visitors should be equipped with the necessaries.

Prioni: Located on the coastal road to Therma, it is a secluded natural sand/pebble cove. The cliffs and rocks at Prioni offer the possibility of diving/jumping from heights of up to 12 meters.

Trapalou: Located on the southwest side it is a beautiful peaceful beach seldomly visited by tourists. During the summer there are occasional boat excursions to Trapalou from Agios Kirikos, Mangannitis and Karkinagri.

Therma: Famous for its small lakes with hot mineral waters that form throughout the beach. The sandy coast actually consists of soil, which also has healing properties.

Nealia: Located east of Therma, access is via a dirt road. Nealia beach is a sand and pebble beach with crystal clear waters. During summer there is a small beach bar serving drinks and food.

Xilosirtis: It is a peaceful long pebble-rock beach. There is a small pier at the access to the beach which is ideal for fishing and a small cantina on the beach serves refreshments during the summer.

Anefanti: Located east of Therma. Peaceful and beautiful sand-pebble beach interesting for snorkelling/spear fishing. There are no facilities on this beach.

Exo plagia: A nice pebble beach. The water here is deep and cooler than other beaches owing to the river that empties here in winter. There are no facilities on the beach and access to the beach is from a steep path where the road ends.

Lefkada hot springs: Located 2km west of Agios Kirikos. The natural radioenergic hot saltwater spring pool of Lefkada is a relaxing body experience, not to be missed. It is recommended not to bath for longer than 20 minutes and the natural sea pool is especially soothing and curative.

Firodi: Located in the village of Magganitis. It is a beautiful sand-pebble beach and with a short walk you can visit after your swim the village port where there is a picturesque cafe/bar serving drinks and food.