The Ikarian feasts

The experience of a local fair in Ikaria is unforgettable. The island is famous throughout the Greek islands, for night-long festivals, known as panigyria in Greek, where locals celebrate the saints and other religious holidays. The glorious celebrations that take place once a year are attended by hundreds of locals and visitors in the surrounding countryside with traditional food, live music and dancing that goes on till the next morning. Bring your wallet: the feasts are important fundraisers for the local community. Use this fact to explain any overindulgence as well-intended philanthropy. Most of these Ikaria festivals take place from early May and stretch out to November. This makes a lot of sense, since during these months the temperatures are milder and there are more people visiting the island. There is no better way to get familiar with the local culture and generally the culture of the Greek islands. You will know how to dance the circular Greek dances, which come from the antiquity and especially the traditional dance of Ikaria will impress you with its joyful and fast rhythm. Of course, there are some festivals or else panigiria that boast great popularity. August 15th is the Assumption of Virgin Mary and in Ikaria this is a day worth remembering. Prophet Ilias celebrates July 20th at the settlement of Agios Kirikos. The Birth of Virgin Mary is celebrated September 8th at the villages of Kerame, Plagia and Ploumari.