Major cultural events featuring well-known artists are held on the island, especially during the summer.

The “Irea-Pythagoreia” Festival, inspired by the representation of ancient rituals in honour of the goddess Hera, is includes various musical events, happenings and interesting workshops.

“Ireon Music Festival”, a lively three-day event dedicated to contemporary Greek and international music takes place every August, with performances by well-known artists such as Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Socrates Malamas, Locomondo, Stranglers, Stereo Mcs, Peter Hook.

The “Young Artists Festival” in the ancient theatre of Pythagorio, under the auspices of the Schwarz Foundation, transfers us to the magical world of music, with remarkable artists from all over the world.

The Samian Wine Festivals are hosted every summer, with many musical and dance events taking place throughout Samos and starring the famous Samian wines.

Visual art exhibitions (painting, photography, film/video, installations) are presented by artists and artistic groups drawing inspiration from interesting local and global issues.

A Film Festival, is held every summer with outdoor screenings of Greek and foreign films and documentaries.