History of the Union

The Hoteliers Union of Samos – Ikaria was founded in 1994 as N.P.I.D. and is the organized association and collective representative of the hoteliers of the Prefecture of Samos. Its primary goal is to create and support tourism awareness and solidarity among its members, to inform the public about the problems, prospects, but also the effects of the hoteliers’ professional sector on the local economy and the defense of the financial and their social interests.

At the same time we continue to play a catalytic role in the tourist promotion of the Prefecture, due to which we participate on an annual basis in a series of international exhibitions, in collaboration with the Prefectural Tourism Promotion Committee and other tourism agencies of the Prefecture, such as London Travel World Market, ITB in Berlin, the MIT in Moscow, the Utrecht tourist exhibition in the Netherlands and the corresponding Greek “HOSPITALITY” in Thessaloniki and “Tourist Panorama” in Athens.

Board of Directors

The Samos-Ikaria Hoteliers Union has 99 members, in a total of 174 hotel units and with a capacity of beds approaching the 7000 (beds). The seven-member Board, according to the Articles of Association, consists today of Mr. Valis Manos (chairman), Mr. Hatzidimitriou Georgios (vice-chairman), Mr. Stylianos Hatziandreou (treasurer), Ms. Aikaterini Stavrou (secretary), Mr. Tzivanakis Plutarchos (member), Mr. Vassileiou Elias (member) and Mr. Kyriazis Konstantinos (member).

At the same time, a well educated secretary is employed on an indefinite contract and with our own resources has created a modern and elegant website while maintaining with the municipality of Eastern Samos an organized office at the New City Hall of Pythagorio to meet the needs of communication with the public and our members.


Some of our most important actions in recent years are the collaboration with the “Institute of Tourism Promotion” for the elaboration of various studies of tourist interest, regular meetings with Ministers and politicians, the representation in tourism exhibitions of international scope, the constant communication with touristic offices and tour operators abroad and the organization of training seminars (touristic education, lifeguards, health interest).

Despite the great many problems faced by the hoteliers of the Prefecture, especially during the pandemic, the Hoteliers Union, continues to work with perseverance and optimism in order to influence developments for the benefit of local society.

For the best promotion of the Prefecture, it participates in advertising campaigns by local or nationwide radio and TV stations, with inserted entries in national publications (newspapers and magazines) and elegant editions of brochures and publications about the beauties of our islands while very often issuing important Press Releases.